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Aside from writing and other storytelling, John’s misspent youth was consumed by doing layout and design work for a heart-crushing array of business publications including equipment manuals, newsletters, marketing materials, training guides, and other documents, often in an assortment of foreign languages. He spent a further 16 years in retail as the owner of a comic book and game store, followed by founding a major comic convention. The experience of operating a nationally recognized event allows him to bring a quirky perspective to the publishing industry, national marketing, and fandoms.

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Corrie Peters is the author of an historical whodunit, Outfauxed, coming out 2023. When she’s not plotting murder, she teaches first grade and elementary art. Born and raised on a cattle farm in the
Texas Panhandle, she graduated from Houston Christian University with a B.A. in Writing and English. In college, her summer jobs ranged from taming steers in a feedlot pen to herding campers
through creative writing activities. She enjoys exploring Houston with her husband, reading picture books aloud to her students, and taking long walks with her dog, Dean. Corrie is Dean’s emotional support human.

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