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What is RinthCon?

RinthCon is a one-of-a-kind virtual conference, akin to Orson Welles' Radio show, but with a futuristic twist. Set in a fictional world 300 years ahead, this event is the brainchild of John Simons, the visionary behind Comicpalooza. RinthCon serves as a creative and collaborative platform, specially designed to grant independent writers and publishers an extraordinary opportunity for publicity.

Harnessing the power of ever-advancing technology, RinthCon offers a unique and immersive promotion where literary enthusiasts can delve deep into the realms of pop culture fandom, all from the comfort of their own homes. This extraordinary experience brings together fans, authors, and publishers, forming a vibrant and dynamic community celebrating the wonders of literature and fiction.

Our Company


Rinth Press is a geeky indie publisher that prints books in a variety of genres. We look for character-driven stories that are carefully thought out and well written. While speculative fiction is our hometurf, any fiction that appeals to geeks is fair game. We are also based in Houston, where walking through the mall is like taking a trip around the world. To honor the city we call home, we aspire to reflect the diversity and multicultural texture of the most diverse city in the nation.


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John Simons

John is a father, husband, entrepreneur, and lifelong literature enthusiast.

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Corrie Peters

Corrie Peters is the author of an historical whodunit, Outfauxed, coming out 2023. 




Explorers of Rinth

Post-Dystopian Science Fiction Epic

Aristotle wakes with no memory after being left for dead in a place that carries the seeds of a distant and dying Earth, but he is not alone. The survival of the human species rests on his shoulders and a small group of discarded humans. Meanwhile, Iseulte and her friends flee the spark of civil war that engulfs their home. They escape into long-forgotten tunnels where they find that things Humanity dabbled in and abandoned have taken on their own lives and destinies. Although separated by unimaginable distance, the future of these two groups was bound together in the distant past by the strangest secret of all.



Historical Mystery

Set in the late 1800's, Sergei's backpacking tour of the British countryside is brought to a halt when he is apprehended as a poacher on the very estate his mother grew up on. Forced to meet the estranged family he hoped to avoid, Sergei's life becomes more complicated when he becomes the suspect in a brutal murder where everyone has a motive to pin the murder on him.

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