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RinthCon Day 5 - Paul, Jair

Paul caught sight of Jair in the broad pre-function area near the secondary ballroom. The head of security seemed to be doing nothing. Paul walked over, “How are things, Jair?”

The security guy nodded. “Better,” he said. “We’re finally getting things under control. All the extra crowds of people seem to be leaving. It’s been thinning out for a few hours.”

“Yeah, halls are kind of empty.”

“The biggest problem I’ve had today is a dog running around stealing food. Even the gaming staff made it back safely,” said Jair.

“That’s a relief! How about the Harry Dresden cosplayer that caused all that trouble? Ever catch him and throw him out?”

“I caught up to him, but I couldn’t throw him out. He did give me this for you though.” Jair reached into his pocket and gave Paul a handful of something.

“What’s this?”

“Cash. He paid for a ticket to the con. I call that a win.”

“He paid in cash. How quaint.” Paul put the money away and turned back to Jair. “About yesterday, that crazy talk I was going on about warping reality? I’m sorry I said that. None of that would be possible. And if it were possible, how would we know it was happening for real? It was an insane idea produced by an exhausted mind. Totally impossible.”

“Totally,” agreed Jair, “But something happened.”

“Something we don’t understand but is nevertheless explainable and rational.”


“But not warped reality because that would be impossible,” said Paul.

“Completely impossible.”

“Jair, what’s that in your hand?”

Jair looked embarrassed but handed the small notepad to Paul.

“Harry Dresden?” asked Jair, “You got the cosplayer’s autograph? Really? Why would you do that when you know he can’t be the real guy?”

The security head shrugged. “You know, just in case.”

Paul frowned. "Don't be ridiculous," he said, and ripped the autograph to pieces.

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